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X 2.512 Element Bases:

25mm Elephants and Chariots must be mounted on 60x80mm bases.

X 5.11. Eager. Add a new bullet to the section "Bodies are eager while any of the following apply"

If the body is at least entirely Reg B.

X 5.15.   Demoralization.  A command has a demoralization level equal to its number of units.  Each on its on-table units that are destroyed or broken count 1 toward that level, shaken units count 0.5 toward that level.  Commands are demoralized when they reach half of their demoralization level.

X 5.51.  Change the die rolled for a waver test to a d10 ('0' is a '10').  Change the numbers required to pass a waver test to A=2, B=3, C=4, D=5, E=6.

X 6.11. Close Order Foot Movement. Steady close order foot moving in open have a tactical move distance of 120p.

X 6.19. Reform. Instead of making an approach, counter or retirement move, a steady regular unit may reform. To reform, a unit must be in block. One element in the front rank stays precisely in place. This element is either the center element (in a unit with an odd number of elements in the front rank) or one of the two center elements (in a unit with an even number of elements in the front rank). All other elements may be arranged in any way so long as the end result is a legal block formation. Reforming counts as a complete move of the appropriate type (approach, counter or retirement) and all other rules for that type of move apply. No other movement or maneuver may be combined with reforming.

X 6.2 Close Order Marching. Steady Reg close order foot may march on march segment 3. Steady Irr loose foot may march on march segment 3 but take a fatigue point for doing so.

X 6.45. EHC Skirmish. Add to the list of troops allowed to adopt skirmish formation if otherwise eligible: EHC.

X 11.1. Fire Syphoneers/Naptha Bombers. 6th Bullet: Insert ", Fire Syphoneers/Naptha Bombers" after "and/or artillery". At the end add "Fire Syphoneers/Naptha Bombers/Artillery do not take a -1 when firing on bodies in Shieldwall formation."

X 12.21.  The home climate rules of 12.21 are ignored.  Replace with:
Each army adds it scouting points total to 2D6, then halves it for each cautious general and again if any 'E' class units in army and doubles for each rash general and again if there any 'Irr A' class units in the army.  The army with the lower total is considered to be in its home climate for purposes of 14.31.

X 17.1. SHC Troop Cost. Subtract 6 points from the final cost of an SHC/SHCm element if general's, subtract 8 points if other. This applies to Reg and Irr elements.

X 17.1. Camelry Troop Cost. Change the current cost table to this:

MCm/LCm @ 7 pts if Reg, @ 5 pts if Irr
HCm @ 9 pts if Reg, @ 7 pts if Irr
EHCm @ 9 pts if Irr (there are no Reg EHCm)
SHCm @ 11 pts if Irr (there are no Reg SHCm)

X 18.5.   Determining A Victor.  The threshold level of 4 remains the same as is currently outlined in Fast Warrior.  The difference now is that each unit broken/destroyed counts 1 toward that threshold, shaken units count 0.5 toward that total.   As such, the game is scored slightly differently:

Classical Warrior X-Rules:

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