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19 September 2006

Page 146, FW Army 54, L Ach Persian, 7th line. Add "S or " before "B"

Page 146, FW Army 56, Camillan Roman, 2nd & 3rd lines. The "x2" at the end of line 2 should be at the beginning of line 3.

Page 147, FW Army 71, Bactrian Greek, 6th line. Add "6E" before "Irr C"

Page 151, FW Army 114, Pict, 4th line. Change "Irr C" to "Irr B"

Page 161, FW Army 237, Early Turk, 3rd and 4th lines. Add "B," after "JLS"

Add LEHI List Rule (LEHI counts as loose order for all purposes except it counts as EHI in shooting and combat and takes no fatigue for being EHI and moving) somewhere on page 141 so that it explains the troop type on page 163 in List 264 (Feudal Japanese).

Add the 4 Mongol Cavalry Rules outlined in Oriental Warrior to the following lists:

207 (Tartars only); 259; 261 (CinC, Cavalry, Horse Archers only); 262; 263; 268 (Mongol Cavalry and Horse Archers only)


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